Gardens of Himalayas

Posted by dinesh maneer
19 September 2016 | HIMALAYAS, recent, travel

Situated at 3000 mtrs to 3300 meters , Ali Bugyal is heavenly beautiful meadows we come across when heading towards Roopkund, the skeleton lake. Buygyals are knows as gardens of Himalayas that host amazing ecosystem and always a hot attractions for scientists , botanists  and trekkers

When i chose the timing for this trek I knew the risk i was taking, The monsoon was just getting over which was the only hope for me before starting this trek. Even before I started the trek from the base camp  a porter who just returned  from Roopkund told me ” Sir, Kya luck hai apki ( Sir, you are in a great luck )” pointing to the clear skies .I was happy but I always kept praying in my mind ” Hey god, show me some heaven! ” .And here you go , the few photos from heaven which is also called ” Bugyal” in Human language!

I will discuss the concerning thing  happening here in another article but let us first get an idea of ” Gardens of Himalayas”

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Very elegant website, photos etc…very good sir, yours is definitely one of the best websites..never stop this sir.

thank you Manoj for your wishes

beautiful set dinesh…congrats for that…

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