A one of kind company headed by Arun Bhat and Sriram M V,  offers a unique outdoor photography experience to exciting destinations across India. Their workshops/ photo tours are highly admired and always fast filled .  I have to thank them in a bog way before I start for giving me this opportunity to do the “Sky, Earth & Water – Landscape Photography Workshop – Gokarna”

Here is their website for all photography lovers both beginners and professionals .

Here is the whole workshop in a nutshell.


Darter.in  started this workshop in 2015 which turned out to be a success and so is the 2016 workshop. Some stunning images were produced by the participants . Also there was a variety of photos as we visited both sea and river. So this time my challenge was to make this even more memorable.


As usual the team was small so that we get more time and attention on individual. People came from all over India which was really appreciable and inspiring too. We were total 9 in number this time. This photo missed couple of people .


I have never come across a place like Gokarna where you get the sun and moon positions very convenient for landscape photography. In addition to this the  sea , the mountains and the rivers are in 30 minutes drive thus giving plenty of opportunities for making some lovely photographs . Just checkout the range of photos produced during the workshop!

This time we went to different locations than our previous workshops. The new places are Kumta beach which is my hometown and the other one is Tadadi port where it used to be once a big harbor.


Weather started little dull with some cloudy days which appeared it would be a total washout day. But I could see small holes in the clouds so I had some hopes of colorful evenings. As sun set the magic started happening which gave us most opportunity to get the best shots. And next two days had the similar colors but nothing compared to the first day evening.


I always think the sessions will be the most boring part in a workshop but most learning happens only in sessions. The team responded well though they were tired all the way as all three days we went to bed late and woke up very early morning. This year I included few more things in the sessions which I felt required during a typical landscape workshop. I got chance to show my current project ” portraits of mother’ as well .


Photoreviews were  happened on the field , in the classrooms  and during all the time when the mentors were free! A good guidance given right from selecting the photograph to achieve the end result.


When you sleep 3 hrs and run around during night and early mornings with your heavy bags and tripods for three days one thing you don’t want is bad food or broken bed. The Om beach resort from the Jungle Lodges group  that we stayed  offered us a very good service and delicious food . And man!  that Cocum juice was just awesome!!

Some photos that I took during the workshop

Usually workshops are not easy for any mentors!  A mentor has the  responsibility to not only tell how to do it but also show how to do it . Now , when a mentor shows how to do it then the resulting photograph must be really good ? . But unfortunately  for many people the creative thinking process is not something that starts immediately  after a  press of  button! One need to focus , think, envision what he wants to produce .But during the workshops the mentors has to focus on on the participants first , next comes his own art . But luckily since the weather offered some drama I liked some of the photos that I stole here and there during this workshop.

But I feel the participants have better photographs this time 🙂

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Your Pics are just Amazing Dinesh!

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thank you sir !

Superb clicks!

Awesome photos bro … all photos are very nice

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