Himalaya Black and white photos :1

Posted by dinesh maneer
16 October 2016 | HIMALAYAS, Landscape

How can I not shoot black and whites if I go to Himalayas ! All photos shot with my DSLR.

This is part 1 and soon I will post part 2 as well!

roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-3845 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-3780
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4905 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4714
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-5335 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-5260
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-3984 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-5349
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4571 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4012
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4088 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4619


roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4160 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-3978
roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-4709 roopkund_blackadnwhites_blog2016-5111

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Black and whites shot in my this year’s Himalayan trip Shot on my Canon 6D , 17-40 lens , 85 mm lens
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