LR adjustment brush tool for processing images

Ok friends, let us talk about one of the Adobe Lightroom tool for a very controlled processing of photos. This tool is called adjustment brush tool.

Adjustment brush tool in Adobe Lightroom is basically a masking paintbrush that allows you to apply different effects such as exposure, color etc

So this is the image how the RAW image looked on the screen. So a normal feeling towards this would be ” Oh sh$* ” right ? But remember I shot this in RAW so there are HIDDEN details in it . you just have to bring the right one at right amount .

exposure is all gone here !

And this is the final image!

the final image

Interesting is it not ?

before and after

See the comparison by clicking here

Let us start !

I improived the exposure by 1.59 and this was the result

exposure +1.59

Now I made it black and white by simply pressing “Y” or you can do that under treatpanel as well. And then made the highlights +77 ( not a rule, you can improve by any amount you desired and you feel is best for the image ) and the image now looked like this .

improve highlights by +77

NOW it is brushing time!

Select adjustment brush tool or simply press ” K ” to open the brush properties and brush settings. Brush settings define the brush sizes etc and brush properties define what exactly brush paints exposure, color etc . I painted like this .

This is what I planned to be my brush properties

read mask shows the way I painted . The inset picture shows the brush sizes

Second brush painting with the same properties

Second brushing

And I am ok with that . A little bit of clarity slider improvement will give me the result I think that is best suited for this image.

SO here is the final result .

the final image!

Hope this helps. So always try something like this before you throw some images. Who knows you might get GOLD out of it !

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