My portfolio page is finally up

Finally I was able to finish some decent amount of work  under my portfolio page. But note that it is still being built so I may call this as under” continuous development”


This is where I am going to show some selected best photos I shot so far and the idea is to keep building this . I tried to select best 10 singles shot from every year believe me this took quite a long time to decide. Sometime I felt I don’t have any best photos at all and sometime I though I have too many and how to chose from them! I have to add many to this one anyway but something to start with.



All my series, essays, stories and long term projects will be under this one. Right now I have few but soon in the coming days you will see more.


Please take a look and let me know what you think via contact me page

Thanks in Advance

Dinesh Maneer

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Posted by dinesh maneer | December 14, 2017
Trees and the sunflowers
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ಒಣ ರೋದನ
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Cows on the beach
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