Ram fights( ಟಗರಿನ ಕಾಳಗ )

Posted by dinesh maneer | April 16, 2017 | FAIRS, featured, Folk( ಜನಪದ)

Ram fight one of the oldest blood sport between two rams ( large horned alpha male sheep) found in many parts of the world even today. Today this contest is played much safer and with lot of rules with the intention of not to hurt any rams involved in the fight. In north Karnataka ram fight is religion for some and they are always busy attending fight contests through out Karnataka except during monsoon months.

It happens usually on the occasion of some festival or a fair. Usually it is hosted by some association such as youth associations, community association or some sheep owners host the ram fight event. The dates and prizes are finalized based on the age of the ram before they start advertising the event. Big annual events are quite famous and attract lot of ram owners from many places of the Karnataka and outside the state as well. The owners come with their small trucks loaded with rams. The fighter ram are grown with lot of love and care. They are named just like family member ,  some ramp names are very popular for their bravery and wins.


This slideshow photos are captured in a fight arranged on the occasion of  Hazrat Ahmedshah Khadri Bagdadi Urus ( fair)

Ahmed with his ram in his vehicle - People come from distant places to participate in the contest. Nearby people hire autorikshaws but many of them own vehicles just to carry them to the contests.

For us this is life!

Pasha, a proud owner

We have a whatsapp group where we pass the information of any contest running so that we can participate

Abdulla, a proud owner

My young Mylari ( Ram’s name) has never lost. We feed him all the best food like apple and he always wins for us. He is going to be a great fighter. 

Sangamesh, a proud owner

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