submerged  graveyard of Sharavathi

Today is the earth day and we are celebrating it . Intellectuals run talk shows, politicians release funds, TVs run countless save earth ads, nature lovers show their  affection towards nature by planting seeds , digital people  blabber about it  all over social media  and thousands of people forward messages and greet each other .Meanwhile  I think about  my  one year old daughter who is not bothered about  her future, is learning her first lessons from nature in my village 500 Kilometers from here.  I want to show her how beautiful the nature is , i want to take her to so many wonderful places I visited on earth and I wish to teach her how to care about nature. Then the guilt of torturing earth in the name of development  surrounds me and breaks me . I stand in front mirror and I see a hopeless person struggling to find answers for the one and only question ” Is there a way to fix what we have done to mother earth so far ? ”

Presenting some ‘beautiful pictures’ taken from the  graveyard in the Sharavathi backwaters. A big city of trees were killed mercilessly  to power the whole Karnataka . Your proud  air conditioner  machine , smartphone ,your fan, microwave, refrigerator , grinder , television . computers and many more run because of this graveyard!

earth dayweb2016-5081


earth dayweb2016-4571


earth dayweb2016-4866


earth dayweb2016-4870


earth dayweb2016-4873


earth dayweb2016-4900


earth dayweb2016-4995


earth dayweb2016-5023


earth dayweb2016-5051


earth dayweb2016-5066

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