My visit to Tajmahal

Few colorful photos of one of the wonders of world

and some thoughts!

It was just one evening visit to Taj and I was awestruck by its beauty like anyone else. I saw a crowd equal to any rural fair walking around this wonder of the world. It was fun watching my fellow tourists and trying to capture them.

My imagination of Taj was bit different. I have already seen enough Taj photos  and I had no intention to compete with  those 1 million photographs of Taj. So I wanted my photos to be on lighter side like some amateur DSLR photography style.  I chose my subjects and the locations to include variety of colors. My new found technique of using flash also helped me to enhance the colors. In the post processing I glorified the colors to bit more than my usual practice . I don’t think I will return again here. It is not because of the Taj but it is because of the chaos I saw on that day. I was there for two hours and It was like standing in a huge storm of tourists, sellers,guides, photographers,families !!

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