The incredible Rajasthani photographer : Shivji Joshi

When I was in Rajsthan  last year one of the sweetest moment was meeting this incredible Photographer  Sir Shivji Joshi. I followed his photos more on facebook than his personality before I actually met him. I took all his contact details before I leave Bangalore and fixed a date also to meet him .


When walking through busy streets of Jodhpur  on the previous day of the day I supposed to meet him , I noticed him walking down the street. I approached him quickly and introduced myself . After greeting each other  he guided me giving away all the details of the streets, people, forts and location of his house ! I went to his house next day and had  an hour of chat with him along with a wonderful Chai ( tea) . I got a chance to look at some of his prints as well.  He was kind enough to look in to my photos I shot from past  two days and appreciate the good ones! A great morning spent fruitfully which I will never forget. Before I leave I made couple of his portraits , showed him and took his blessings. Such a down to earth personality   who only chooses to show his pride through his photos! He gave me some advices which I am thankful of by heart forever.

Full name is Dr. Shiv Narayan Joshi who is a gold medalist in M.A. Philosophy and he is now  retd as Professor of Philosophy. Active in photography since 1964  he has been  honored with FIAP,Hon FIP, Hon.ECPA as well.  Follow him on facebook   for some wonderful photos of Rajasthan  and frequent tips on photography . His website is here  and he conducts some wonderful desert workshops  as well.


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