Trees and the sunflowers

It is hard to compare field of sunflower and a lake filled with trees. But sure I can compare the experiences .

I  always see these  fields of sunflowers while driving to my hometown Kumta  after 3 hrs of  drive on the highway . After passing  the fort city ,  Chitradurga  these fields slowly cheer me up just when the driving  gets boring due to empty roads .  There were days when I drove just to photograph  them . They made me feel like  a kid running around them with their heights and beauty. Later some ego grew inside me and decided  I am too grown up to shoot flowers  but not until recently. Whenever I was driving past them they looked like happy silent people standing on the ground , while I always in a hurry , always messed up and  always struggling with time. I started again photographing them and have been trying to look at them in a different way.


Coming to the trees in the lake.

This year’s continued rains filled many lakes around Bangalore . Mylasandra lake which was almost forgotten is one of them . First few days the lake even saw birds coming back but soon the water turned black due to the rotting plants, trees , garbage and  hospital waste. When the water is black and calm the acacia trees  in the lake looked so beautiful in the mornings. I took a great risk   while photographing these trees avoiding the lake side filth . Yet the photos looked heavenly ! But when I look at these photos I feel uncomfortable and feel like cheating others. I am not going back here again and this scene will change forever as they trees may soon die .

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