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Posted by dinesh maneer | October 5, 2017
Cows on the beach
W hen I was in conversation with Dr Sathyajit of Ayurveda Yoga Village  which is newly built on Dhareshwara beach , Kumta ,  two things made me curious . Ayurveda...
Posted by dinesh maneer | July 12, 2017
My visit to Tajmahal
and some thoughts! It was just one evening visit to Taj and I was awestruck by its beauty like anyone else. I saw a crowd equal to any rural fair...
Posted by dinesh maneer | April 22, 2017
Color Pallet of Koodalasangama morning
A 6th century temple complex built by the great Chalukyas is even today is part of daily life in Badami, Bagalakot. People flock during festivals and weekends to take blessings...